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About Us

Who We Are

CrossGo LLC, a technology consulting firm dedicated to helping companies in their pursuit of achieving operational excellence. Our consulting services provide total solutions for solving operation management problems.

What We Do

Our core competency is in the incorruptible and decentralized public ledger system which automatically records high volume of digital transactions. It enables a new approach to rapid and secure information exchange across the systems.


Our clients are primarily in the electronic system manufacturing industries. They usually carry the business of integrating thousands of electronic parts into their system products. Their operations often are disrupted or slowed down by the traditional inefficient centralized private ledger system.

Our consulting process begins with conducting operation research analysis which is different from typical consulting engagements. CrossGo specializes in helping clients resolve the issues by priority per analysis results. Constantly learning from industries makes CrossGo being able to provide the most innovative and best practices to our customers.